The best methods to finding out the salary for a job before going to the interview

We all know that only a few companies are making the employees' salaries public. Most of the employers think that they can get a new employee for less than the estimated budget. However, there are some ways you can find out the salary before you get to the interview and figure out whether it makes sense to go or apply to other companies.

Call friends
Although in Romania we can’t yet speak about transparent wages, you can use the list of friends who are closest to you or those you talk to on social networks. They will surely keep you up-to-date with an average salary offered in the organization where they’re working.

Online platforms can help you Just as employers are trying to say what salaries they offer in certain positions, former employees or even the current ones do not hesitate to say it. There are already various online platforms where you can find out if the salaries offered by companies are on the level of your expectations. Here you can also find out the benefits offered or even details about the working environment.

However, you need to know that former employees are more willing to say less good things about the company they worked for, because they have left, they had some complaints. Sure, this is not a general rule.

Local media provides such kind of information

More and more publications in the market are helping job seekers and they publish various information about the wages.

Even if you don’t find out the salary offered by a certain company, you can even get to know the average salary in that field. This method will help you set your expectations when you go to the recruitment interview.

Ask the recruiter!

The recruiters do not provide often too much details about a job when they call you, but they don’t even refuse to answer you if you ask them. So try to ask them everything you care about the job you are interested in. You can also tell to the recruiter how much you want to earn. And if he thinks that you are not fitting into the budget allocated to that position, he might tell you to make the recruitment process more efficient.

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